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Chef Ashley Jonique Shares her Tips for Eating Healthy

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

What can we do to start eating healthier?

A lot of people think that eating healthy has to be a drag. Its actually fun, like dressing up. We go the distance for the perfect outfit for events, why not do the same with our health? Research foods that are healthier and fun to prepare to catapult yourself into a healthier lifestyle.

How can we achieve bold flavors using little to no salt?

Salt is a flavor enhancer meaning it should be added to your plate to enhance the flavor of your food. This is not the same as giving the overall dish its flavor. The usage of more herbs, spices , and citrus can be delicious substitutions for salt.

What foods should we eat to boost our immune system?

Eat foods such as raw guava, sweet red peppers, raw tomato juice, and oranges.

What recipe can you share to assist us with our on-the go lifestyles?

Grab N Go Fruit Jars


3-4 cups of your favorite fruit assortment


Yield (6 oz )

1/2 cup honey .

1/4 brown sugar(optional)

3 limes (juiced)

1 tspn ground cinnamon (cardamom and nutmeg work perfectly as well)

1 tblspn Tajin

Whisk all ingredients together and pour over fruit.

For more information on Chef Ashley Jonique, visit her website, follow her on facebook and instagram @letdatgirlcook.

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