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New Drink Cleanses Your Body of Alcohol Toxins Like Magic

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

For people who want to detox, particularly after having a fun night of social drinking, one drink in particular that helps the body to get rid of alcoholic toxins is Magic Bullet.

Made from plant based ingredients, Magic Bullet is designed to support healthy liver and kidney function. Its natural ingredients help to replenish the body of nutrients that may be lost from alcohol toxins. Here are 4 benefits that you can expect to receive by drinking Magic Bullet.

Liver Detox

Magic Bullet is a nutritional liver detox designed to support and boost your body’s ability to clear toxins better than it can on it’s own. It contains 7 superfoods, including milk thistle and turmeric, that are packed with antioxidants, and 6 amino acids that super charge your body’s ability to break down and eliminate toxins.

Natural Ingredients

Magic Bullet is not an energy drink. It contains no stimulants, preservatives or artificial ingredients, but only natural and organic ingredients. Unlike some detox drinks, you can drink Magic Bullet daily for general detoxification.

Helps Mitigate Symptoms of Alcohol

You can drink Magic Bullet before or after consuming alcohol to ensure your liver has the support necessary to prevent a hangover.

Workout Recovery

Magic Bullet can be consumed pre or post workout to speed recovery and eliminate soreness from lactic acid build up.

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