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High Level Speech & Hearing Center Promotes Virtual Speech Therapy for Kids During Quarantine

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

While most businesses are closed during the state mandated quarantine, when High Level Speech & Hearing Center received notice of the school closures, instead of completely stop services, the company offered speech and hearing services virtually in the form of teletherapy so that patients could continue to improve their communication skills. Offsite Manager, Blake Robertson has dedicated his career to helping children to get access to speech and hearing services, particularly in local schools. When asked why early intervention was so important for our community, Blake responded:

Speech and hearing impairments are not visible, and because of this most people that suffer with speech and hearing difficulties do not get the help that they need until much later in life. Without early detection issues as a result of speech and hearing disorders, can cascade into larger issues that may have a tremendous emotional, academic, or financial impact.

Some early warning signs of speech and hearing disorders in children include:

  • Frequent ear infections

  • Speech language delay

  • Constant crying or pulling on the ears

  • Child does not answer when their name is called

  • Inattention or social isolation

  • Developmental Delay

For more information on early warning signs of speech and hearing disorders in children, Read: Signs Your Child May Have a Speech or Hearing Disorder. Parents with concerns are encouraged to have their child's speech and hearing checked annually and to consult with the school administrators regarding an appropriate academic plan.

Here's the full interview from Healthy Habits on WWLTV Channel 4's Great Day Louisiana with High Level Speech & Hearing Center's Offsite Manager, Blake Robertson. CLICK HERE.

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