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Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

It's not the tastiest drink, in the world, but the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar make it a common remedy. Although, further studies are needed before it can be recommended as an alternative treatment to medications, I believe its worth a shot to ask your primary care physician if Apple Cider Vinegar may be a good addition to your daily health regimen.

It worked for me. I started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar several years ago as a remedy for weight loss. I had read several articles in different health magazines and of course on pinterest, that the Apple Cider Vinegar tea concoction was the answer to my weight loss tribulations. This was easy to believe since every local GNC store was full of over priced bottles of Apple Cider Vinegar. So I created my first Apple Cider Vinegar recipe.

8 ounces of water

1 table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

2 table spoons of Honey

2 table spoons of Lemon Juice

I mixed this together, warmed it in the microwave and 1 minute later had the most disgusting tea that I had ever consumed. I drank this every morning and every night and within 7 days, I had lost 5lbs.

According to a study published by the Center for Disease Control approximately 24% of patients hospitalized by coronavirus had Type 2 Diabetes or adult-onset diabetes. Now this is a very alarming statistic because it clearly illustrates that diabetics are at an increased risk for being hospitalized by coronavirus. This means over 34 million people or 10.4% of the US population is at an increased risk for having life threatening complications from coronavirus. According to Mayo Clinic, there is no medicinal cure for Type 2 Diabetes, however, it can be managed through diet and exercise. Because Apple Cider Vinegar has been believed to lower blood sugar levels, it is quite wise for diabetics to add it to their diets. Apple Cider Vinegar's chemical composition helps it to significantly lower insulin response. Although studies do not conclude that Apple Cider Vinegar can cure diabetes, studies do show that individuals that consume a small dose of Apple Cider Vinegar daily have lower blood sugar levels than those that do not.

Additionally, while most of us were at home creating our own hand sanitizer, the rows of Apple Cider Vinegar in the salad dressing aisle at the supermarket remained fully stocked. Few people realized the antiviral and antibacterial properties of vinegar. Not only has vinegar been used in the past to clean wounds, but it is often used to preserve food and as a cleaning agent. In fact, I remember walking into my mother's kitchen when I was little right after she had freshly mopped the floor and the entire house smelled of salad dressing. This was because she always added a few caps of Apple Cider Vinegar to her mop bucket to guarantee that the tile floors were clean.



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