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5 of the Healthiest Brands of Dark Chocolate

Never underestimate the power of Dark Chocolate. Especially when it comes to your health.


According to research performed by the National Institute of Health daily consumption of Dark Chocolate can have several positive effects. These include:

1. Help with insulin sensitivity and blood sugar

2. Improved brain function

3. Reduced risk of heart disease.

Visit for 7 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate.

The health benefits of dark chocolate are due to the ingredient cacao, which is the dried and fully fermented seed of the tropical Theobroma Cacao plant, or cacao tree. Dark chocolate with high concentrations of cacao, are thought to be better for you. However, before consuming any brand of dark chocolate, it is important to take a look at the nutrition facts. Be cautious when consuming brands of dark chocolate that are high in sugar because it can contradict any health benefits that cacao has to offer.

Because it can be difficult to find some healthier brands of dark chocolate, I’ve created a list of what are thought to be 5 brands of dark chocolate with the highest cacao concentrations.

1. Raaka (no added sugar)

2. Ghirardelli 100% unsweetened cocoa

3. Pascha Organic Black Bar Dark Chocolate 100% cacao with Crunchy Cacao Nibs

4. Taza Chocolate Organic Amaze Bar 95% Stone Ground, Wicked Dark

5. Pascha Dark Chocolate Bars 85% cocoa

Remember, as with all things, moderation is key. Consult your primary care physician prior to consuming to make sure dark chocolate is a safe addition to your diet.

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